5 Ways to Hear Your Intuitive Voice

5 Ways to Hear Your Intuitive Voice Lisa Puzo Strickland Intuition is a vital part of every day life. Its purpose is multifold as it beckons us to follow a path to safety, understanding, and overall well-being.  But tapping into this sub-conscious frequency can be tricky, given our mind is clogged with approximately 50,000 conscious thoughts per day. Intuitive intelligence presents itself in many ways - and differently for each person. There's no one method to receiving the valuable intel our sixth sense delivers, but there are a few tricks to making it easier. Here are 5 ways to more quickly and efficiently catch those whispers of wisdom that reside deeply within your heart and soul.  Stillness The concept of stillness has always been a part of the human experience. The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden tells of a peaceful stillness that existed before being broken by a lie. And as far back as 2600 B.C., Indian artifacts depicted images of meditation

8 Tips to Get Back-to-Work Ready!

8 Tips to Get Back-to-Work Ready! By Lisa Puzo Strickland Updated August 2021 Laundry done? Check. Amazon screenshots cleared off desktop? Check. Hair cut? Make appointment. Getting ready to trek from the coffee table to an office desk after a year and a half long, virus-infused hiatus involves some attention to detail and a good bit of readiness. But with an efficient check list in one hand and a hearty espresso in the other we can find our new fabulous.   Much has happened since March 2020. We kicked off the "world pause" with over 30 million viewers loving-slash-hating Netflix’s Tiger King, another few million scouring the Earth for toilet paper, and home hair coloring kits flying off the shelves. Our priorities were changing as quickly as our locks were growing. Soon, humanity settled into a new norm of home brewed French Roast and debating how the virus originated in the first place. As  families sat down to dinner more often, and gas tanks

Count to 5 and Reset Your Life

Count to 5 and Reset Your Life Living The 5 Point Day  in Uncertain Times By Lisa Puzo Strickland For Intuition Evolution We may be stuck at home, social distancing, stockpiling toilet paper, and drinking way too much coffee. But that doesn’t mean we have to become psychologically stuck. In fact, this time in history may be just the cosmic reset we’ve all needed to kickstart new beginnings. Right now, the train is halted. We're globally paused. So, we've succumbed to the cessation by doing what we can and trying not to worry about the rest. Books are dusted off and read to ourselves or to our kids. Virtual meetings remind us to brush the front of our hair and ponytail the back. And long-ignored chores are finally getting tackled.   On the bright side, this pause also provides a safe station to reevaluate ourselves while we're cooped up inside with little outside distraction. We're free to drum up old memories, dismantle habitual patte